Creating a utopia for our loving elders is the ultimate goal of the Retirement Village, where each and every little aspect of their lives will be looked into. The main, most important and very much overlooked one being, tender loving care.

The village will have its own medical team, along with ultra-modern facilities to tend to any emergency or medical condition our seniors may develop on this long road we call life. Equipped with the latest facilities and luxuries, we plan to keep our elders happy and content while attending to their every need, with the warmth and hospitality they truly deserve.

Retirement in Sri Lanka

As the population of retirees increase day by day, most of them believe that their children might be the ones to look after them. While in a number of cases, this fact is true, there are those who are left to fend for themselves, with no plan or real place to belong to. The retirement village welcomes all those who are in this dilemma, and of course anyone who just wishes not to burden anyone in their later life. While this initiative is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka, it gives the current generation an opportunity to plan ahead, and be prepared for comfort and luxury in their old age.

Retirement Village Facilities


In-house Medical Team

Facilities for religious activities

Transport services

Mini supermarket


Entertainment Centre

Swimming Pool

Concierge services