Established 9 years ago, Western Healthcare (pvt) LTD has been a realized dream and a pursued goal in the life of the Founder. Seeing the endless agony of our precious elders, witnessing their sorrow first-hand and not being able to do enough from a distance was her main motivator. Our vision remains intact as showering them with the tender, loving care they deserve is our main prospective. Profiting off this organization never was and never will be a motive in the horizon.

Equipped to do more than an ordinary nursing care facility, Western Healthcare is the only private institution that has qualified personnel to train UK certified caregivers in Sri Lanka. Connected to a number of high-end hospitals, both locally and internationally, along with ambulatory services in and around Colombo, Western Healthcare is in the process of revolutionizing  the care services provided for the elderly population, all while assuring quality of life at its fullest.