In a land where the concept of elderly care homes is heavily stigmatized, we at Western Healthcare aims to change its face and remove all negativity associated with it. To a mother, her child is the apple of her eye; we believe that our parents and grandparents are nothing less.

Medical advances may increase their quantity of life but it does not stop their bodies from undergoing the inevitable, thereby rendering them dependable and causing them to seek assistance even in their daily tasks. That is the point where Western Healthcare comes in.

Highly trained and certified professional caregivers as well as qualified nurses and doctors are part of the Western Healthcare family.  We are fully equipped with cardiac monitors, ventilators and other technology and we have access to ambulatory services 24 hours a day in case of an emergency. With the capability and capacity to provide the best comfort to paralyzed, catheterized and even those with bed sores, we can assure you that our goal remains clear in providing them with great quality of life.

Festivals such as New Year and Vesak, along with birthdays and any other special days of the year are also celebrated here. Christmas, for example is enjoyed in much grandeur, complete with a carol session and Santa Claus.

We are not only about ‘treating’ but we focus more on caring, because after all, cure begins with a happy mind. Our nurses and caregivers spend ample time listening to them while they pour their hearts out, and even engage in fun activities and laughter.

With our years of experience, we have learnt that their need for someone to talk to and a shoulder to cry on, along with a generous dose of love and care, surpasses all their materialistic needs. We here at Western Healthcare make these a priority in a world where the elderly are shunned and neglected, while giving them the comfort and luxury to the best of our ability.